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Building trust, confidence, and open-mindedness in the workplace.

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Did you know that 55% of people fear talking about equity and inclusion?

Learn how to break down complex concepts and build conversation skills for more collaborative workplaces.


Build Sustainable Workplace Culture

  • Skills for Safe Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy Development
  • Support Psychological Health & Well-Being
  • Nurture Authentic Engagements
  • Create an Environment of Trust

With Agree to Disagree, you will be equipped with the tools to create conversation confidence and a thriving workplace culture.

What's Included in the Training Toolkit...


Building Capacity

Equip employees with enhanced communication skills by providing essential information through core content briefs.

  • Understanding Identity
  • Exploring Perspective
  • Examining Bias
  • Conversation Styles

Conversation Confidence

This all-inclusive training toolkit guides facilitators every step of the way with comprehensive guides and skill development tools.

  • Facilitator & User Guide
  • 2-in-1 Conversation Cards
  • Discussion Guides
  • Feedback Methods

Sustainable Collaboration

Be prepared to create long-term change within the workplace through reflection and by extending the learning into the workplace day-to-day.

  • Self-Reflection Prompts
  • Group Debrief Guide
  • Conversation Starters
  • Extension Activities

This Toolkit is for

Your Organization if...

  • You want to support employee health and well-being.
  • You want improved and creative decision-making. 
  • You want faster and more innovative problem-solving.
  • You are focused on equity, accessibility, and inclusion.
  • You want a stronger and more collaborative team.
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Workplace Training Toolkit

Essentials Plan


Per Toolkit

  • General Toolkit Packet
  • 1 Conversation Cards Set
  • Leadership Guides
  • Leadership and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Briefs
  • Terminology and Safe Communication Guide

Expansion Plan


Save $325!

  • Essentials Plan +
  • 10 Leadership & DEI Expansion Packets
  • 25 Conversation Cards Sets
  • Industry Specific Connections
  • Canada and United States Specific Connections

Looking for a classroom resource?

We also have a Classroom Toolkit for child care, elementary, middle school, high school, post-secondary, and adult education. Provide your students with the skills and practice for conversation confidence.


I'm Janelle Abela

As a former K-12 teacher, I've come to realize that we have never really been taught how to talk to each other. This is the biggest barrier that I now face as a training facilitator. Workplaces are moving towards change but the critical first step is often overlooked – building conversation confidence. In response I created resources to use in my training sessions that would help develop this confidence, alongside trust and open-mindedness.

With high demand – I've now compiled these resources and build an all-in-one toolkit for leaders to develop these skills within their organization. Agree to Disagree is a fine-tuned compilation of my slides, speaking points, discussion guides, conversation starters, response prompts, feedback models, and more.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to increase your team's interpersonal skills and to help you help your people.

Janelle's trainings are impactful. I recommend Janelle for any leadership development programs that will improve leadership capability and promote workplace culture.

- Lindi Prendi Ph.D, P.Eng

St. Clair College

Janelle cultivates a constructive and thoughtful space within which to address controversial EDI issues. She makes complex and daunting tasks seem feasible.

- Dr. Catherine Vanner

University of Windsor

Janelle's sessions were not only informative, but also provided time for participants to share their perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations. 

- Daniela Koppeser

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board