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An increase in immigration and migration around the world, persistent outcry for fair and equitable treatment, and employee demands are the basis for urgent organizational attention to change.

Responsive organizations see increased creativity and innovation, access to new and untapped markets, higher performance, increased revenue and sales, better decision making and regular overachievement of targets.

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We pride ourselves on the diversity of our portfolio. We have worked with organizations in skilled trades, athletics, education, law enforcement, finance, and more! We've learned that support for organizational culture is about support for people.

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"In Janelle's engagements with students and faculty, she cultivates a constructive and thoughtful space within which to address controversial EDI issues and effectively draws upon her own experience as an educator to provide B.Ed. students with guidance on EDI areas that need further attention in their work. Her guest lectures have been among the highlights of my courses. During and afterward I received accolades from students regarding how effective she was in connecting to them and making the complex and daunting task of fostering an equitable and inclusive classroom for their Kindergarten–Grade 8 students seem feasible. She began by displaying vulnerability in relation to her own educational experiences, causing many students from a wide range of demographics to comment that they related to her story. This made her lecture more accessible and relatable, and I was excited to see numerous students subsequently describe how they plan to apply the techniques and approaches she recommended in their future teaching. While I had high expectations for her guest lectures, these expectations were exceeded with her truly powerful presentations. "

Catherine Vanner, Ph.D., Faculty of Education, University of Windsor 

"I have engaged in a lot of professional development and this session had me engaged for all three hours. The session was thought provoking and inspiring. I have a better appreciation and respect for our diverse environment here at the college and in our community."

Ed Marocko, Professor, Police Foundations/Protection Security & Investigations, St. Clair College

"Thank you for so many things today. I cannot begin to articulate everything I am grateful for yet because I am still unpacking. Thank you again for everything that you have given me today.  I hope to continue the work with a lot more confidence in my goals."

Nadine Draper, Teacher, Greater-Essex County District School Board

"There was never any finger-pointing by the presenter.  Instead it focused more on scenarios and how the police would respond. Speaking about these concepts was a fantastic starting point on dealing with different situations. By thinking/speaking about these subjects and trying to work in a better way I feel that we will get a better response from our community members, reduce anxiety from members, and will likely reduce negative interactions at the same time re-instilling confidence in the police."

Nawzad Sinjari, Staff Sergeant - Administration, LaSalle Police Service

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Diversity drives innovation.

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Diverse Solutions Strategy Firm Inc. acknowledges that we learn and teach from the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples. We recognize the land as an expression of gratitude to those whose traditional territory we reside on, and a way of honouring the Indigenous people who have been living and thriving on the land since time immemorial. We would also like to acknowledge the other nearby First Nations and all of the Original Peoples across Turtle Island.