Differences drive innovation.

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Grow your knowledge and skills through our in-person or virtual workshops, support packets, and discussion facilitation.


Immerse yourself with a memorable keynote address or presentation, custom to your audience.


Grow your awareness and knowledge through our free resources and asynchronous learning programs.


A personalized assessment and strategic plan will allow you to take your change journey to the next level.

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We nurture diversity by expanding awareness, knowledge and skills, while promoting safe spaces and exceeding organizational goals.

An increase in immigration and migration around the world, persistent outcry for fair and equitable treatment, and employee demand are the basis for urgent organizational attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Progressive organizations see increased creativity and innovation, access to new and untapped markets, higher performance, increased revenue and sales, better decision making and regular overachievement of targets.

Our Commitment

A Message from...

Janelle Abela, Founder & CEO

"We all come from unique walks of life and our commitment is to support that diversity and create harmonious growth. Organizations thrive from equitable and inclusive practices and so does individual well-being. We are here to help you transform and grow in an efficient and effective manner. 

As we work together, we will ensure that you are collaborated with every step of the way. This is your learning journey and we are excited to be with you on it. Together, we will be innovators, changemakers and create a better tomorrow."


We are committed to making positive contributions toward global change. Through progressive solutions and transformative practice, we aid in the development and implementation of practical solutions and innovate through research, to meet intersectional needs and advance humankind.


To create and enact progressive solutions that are responsive to intersectional needs in our globalized society. We are dedicated to increasing attention to diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace and larger society, fostering stronger relationships and empowering changes.

Diverse Solutions 

Driving innovation through difference.


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Ontario, Canada

Diverse Solutions Strategy Firm Inc. acknowledges that we learn and teach from the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples. We recognize the land as an expression of gratitude to those whose traditional territory we reside on, and a way of honouring the Indigenous people who have been living and thriving on the land since time immemorial. We would also like to acknowledge the other nearby First Nations and all of the Original Peoples across Turtle Island.