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Hello! I'm Janelle Abela, CEO & Growth Strategist

As a former K-12 teacher, I discovered the significance of nurturing identity for student success. I extended my practice in the classroom into professional development for teachers and pre-service teachers, which then led to professional development outside of the field of education.

Now, I engage in everything from strategic planning, e-learning, and workshops, to speaking engagements with people all across North America in all industry sectors. I am grateful for the rich opportunities I've had to work in various industries, including financial organizations, law enforcement, professional athletics associations, educational institutions, non-profits, trades organizations, and more. These experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of organizational growth and how to provide authentic and sustainable support for people.

I believe that it is crucial to create a realistic means of change outside of the progressive education system. This principle guides my work. While academic journals may publish numerous papers, their effectiveness lies in translating that knowledge into the language of day-to-day life. In my work, I use low-risk and relatable content to engage in complex concepts. I make it my first priority to understand where people are at and to support them on their journey.

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I hold a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education in Education for Change, with specializations in Social Justice Education and Indigenous Education. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Windsor in the Social/Cultural/Political Contexts in Education field of study. My current research focuses on barriers to implementation of learning presented through professional development training.

Meet Our Team of Thinkers

Our team features educators and professionals from different geographic regions and sectors to support our clients with comprehensive analysis, program development, and insight.

Joshua Abela

Chief Information Officer

Anthony Jeethan

Equity Consultant (Human Rights & Workplace Policy/Practices)

Chloe Morneau

Content and Program Development Manager

Amina Abdulle

Literacy and Equity in Education Consultant

Dr. Amber Godwin

Education Consultant

Nick Goy

Leadership and Mentorship Coach/Consultant

April King

Education Consultant (Trauma-Informed Practice & Accessibility)

Safia Abdulle

Psychology Consultant

Saleha Khan

Leadership and Inclusion Consultant

Trevor Ramieri

Mentorship and Support Consultant

Diverse Solutions Strategy Firm

At Diverse Solutions we are committed to ensuring our work is inclusive and responsive to intersectional needs. To support our work, we have cultivated a team of experts. Diverse Solutions is a network of contracted specialists with a successful track record of supporting organizational culture, communication, and leadership development in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Combined, our team boasts more than 100 years of experience in the professional development and education field. Diverse Solutions was formally founded in 2020 by Janelle Abela after five years of independent consulting and now includes team members from across North America with global experiences.

Our Mission

We are committed to making positive contributions toward global change. Through progressive solutions and transformative practice, we aid in the development and implementation of practical solutions. Our research-based approach fuels innovation to meet intersectional needs and advance humankind.

Our Goal

To create and enact progressive solutions that are responsive to intersectional needs in our globalized society. We are dedicated to increasing attention to effective leadership, communication, and IDEA within the workplace and larger society, fostering stronger relationships and empowering changes.

Our Values

Innovation | We value innovative thinking and encourage creativity in developing solutions to address global challenges. Our commitment to research-based practices intertwined with real-world strategies drives continuous improvement and adaptation to changing needs.

Intersectionality | We recognize the interconnected nature of social, economic, and environmental issues. Our solutions are designed to address the complex and diverse needs of individuals and communities, promoting inclusivity and equity for all.

Leadership | We believe in the power of effective leadership to inspire positive change and drive progress. We promote leadership qualities such as vision, empathy, and collaboration, both within our organization and in the wider society.

Communication | Clear and effective communication is essential for building relationships, fostering understanding, and driving meaningful change. We prioritize open, transparent communication channels that facilitate dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Empowerment | We are committed to empowering individuals and organizations to take ownership of their futures. Through education, capacity-building, and resource-sharing, we aim to equip people with the tools and knowledge they need to create lasting change in their lives and communities.

Inclusivity | We value diversity and actively work to create inclusive environments where all voices are heard and respected. We strive to dismantle barriers and create opportunities for participation and representation for marginalized groups.

Social Responsibility | We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society and the planet. We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of our work, striving to minimize harm and maximize positive impact on people and the environment.