Who We Are


I'm Janelle Abela

Founder & CEO

As a former K-12 educator, I discovered the significance of nurturing identity for student success. Since then, I've expanded my approaches, focusing on leadership and communication development, as well as inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) learning worldwide.

I am grateful for the rich opportunities I've had to work in various industries, including financial organizations, law enforcement, professional athletics associations, educational institutions, non-profits, trades organizations, and more. These experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of organizational growth.

It is crucial to create a realistic means of change outside of the progressive education system. This principle guides my work. While academic journals may publish numerous papers, their effectiveness lies in translating that knowledge into the language of day-to-day life. In my work, I strive to nurture relationships and foster change for the respect and dignity of all. I employ a combination of teaching approaches to understand where people are and support them on their journey.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education in Social Justice Education and Indigenous Education. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Social/Cultural/Political Contexts in Education at the University of Windsor. My current research focuses on barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development.

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Meet Our Team of Thinkers

Our team features educators and professionals from different geographic regions and sectors to support our clients with comprehensive analysis, program development, and insight.

Amina Abdulle

Literacy and Equity in Education Consultant

Anthony Jeethan

Equity Consultant (Human Rights & Workplace Policy/Practices)

April King

Education Consultant (Trauma-Informed Practice & Accessibility)

Nick Goy

Leadership and Mentorship Coach/Consultant

Trevor Ramieri

Mentorship and Support Consultant

Safia Abdulle

Psychology Consultant

Dr. Amber Godwin

Education Consultant

Saleha Khan

Leadership and Inclusion Consultant