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Classrooms and workplaces are evolving into dynamic spaces for diverse voices and complex discussions. 

Agree to Disagree teaches participants how to...

  1. Talk to Each Other
  2. Build Trust
  3. Practice Understanding
  4. Develop Open-Mindedness
It's not just about rolling the dice; it's about rolling out a transformative approach to communication strategies.

Agree to Disagree equips people with conversation techniques that go beyond the basics.

  • Make conversations safe and¬†effective.¬†
  • Develop conversation confidence.
  • Prepare for a future where dialogue is the key to unlocking understanding.

It's as easy as 1...2...3.

1 | Pre-Learning

Facilitator guide, pre-learning lessons, and discuss guides on identity, perspective, bias, and conversation styles.

2 | Application

150+ conversation development prompts with endless discussion outcomes. 

3 | Extended Practice

Post-learning reflections and extension activities for engaging in conversations about more complex concepts.

All-Inclusive Training Toolkit

Supporting students & people in the workplace. We have designed two unique toolkits that are tailored to supporting communication development in these spaces.

Each Toolkit Includes:

  • Pre-Learning Training/Learning Plans + Slide Decks¬†
    • Understanding Identity
    • Exploring Perspective
    • Examining Bias
    • Conversation¬†Styles
  • Speaking Notes
  • Teacher/Facilitator Guides
  • Discussion Guides¬†
  • 2-in-1¬†Conversation Cards
  • Post-Learning Activities
    • Self-Reflection
    • Group Debrief
  • Extension Activities¬†

Why It Works





of people fear talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion because they don't want to say the wrong thing
of Chief Human Resources Officers say that DEI is their foremost concern
of employees say it is important for their company to make diversity and inclusion a priority
of students feel negatively singled out by staff, faculty, and peers based on their identity

We don't know how to talk to each other.

In school and at our workplaces, we are collaborate and cooperate with people who have different experiences. We are expected to have productive conversations that lead to understanding. We are expected to work together.
But who teaches us how to do that? Often, people have not received formal training on how to talk to other people. We are informally taught to be nice, be polite, have an open mind, and listen when other's are speaking. What does that really mean? How do we do that?
This lack of communication confidence is paired with the increase of complex conversations. To have these tough discussions, we need to have effective communication skills and trust the people we are communicating with.
  • People don't want to offend others and a lack of communication confidence can lead to people avoiding uncomfortable subjects.
  • Not sharing in tough discussions can be misunderstood as approving of the discriminatory behaviour.


Agree to Disagree builds the skills.

The toolkit prepares participants to have safe and productive conversations in all settings. Whether it is in the classroom, the workplace, or at home, participants learn to apply a growth mindset, active listening, and empathy to improve relationships and conversation outcomes.
  • Understanding the perspective of others builds belonging and this leads to higher engagement, creativity and productivity.
  • Human beings have an innate desire to express themselves, to be understood, and to have their perspectives valued.
  • When we understand the effects of individual experiences on interactions and performance, we can build trust and have more effective communication.

Per Unit & Volume Pricing

Classroom Toolkit

Classroom Kit

1 user

$49.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 1 card deck

Department Kit

10 users

$39.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 5 card decks

School Kit

50 users


  • Essentials Pack +
  • 25 card decks

District Kit

100 users

$32.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 50 card decks

Workplace Toolkit

Essentials Plan


Per Toolkit

  • General Toolkit Packet
  • 1 Conversation Cards Set
  • Leadership Guides
  • Leadership and DEI Briefs
  • Terminology and Safe Communication Guide

Expansion Plan


Save $325!

  • Essentials Plan +
  • 10 Leadership & DEI Expansion Packets
  • 25 Conversation Cards Sets
  • Industry Specific Connections
  • Canada and United States Specific Connections

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Unlock the power of dialogue, cultivate connection, and let the art of meaningful conversations shape a brighter future. Elevate your interactions with Agree to Disagree ‚Äď because every conversation is an opportunity to learn, grow, and bridge understanding.