Classroom Edition

Building trust, confidence, and open-mindedness in the classroom.

Did you know that 54% of students feel negatively singled out by staff, faculty, and peers based on their identity?

Learn how to break down complex concepts and build conversation skills for more collaborative classrooms.


Build Inclusive & Safe Classroom Culture

  • Skills for¬†Safe Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy Development
  • Support Psychological Health & Well-Being
  • Nurture Authentic Engagements
  • Create an Environment of Trust

With Agree to Disagree, you will be equipped with the tools to create conversation confidence and help your students thrive.

What's Included in the Training Toolkit...


Building Capacity

Equip students with enhanced communication skills by providing essential information through preparatory core lessons.

  • Understanding Identity
  • Exploring Perspective
  • Examining Bias
  • Conversation Styles

Conversation Confidence

This all-inclusive training toolkit guides teachers every step of the way with comprehensive guides and skill development tools.

  • Teacher¬†&¬†Student Guide
  • 2-in-1 Conversation Cards
  • Discussion Guides
  • Feedback Methods

Sustainable Collaboration

Be prepared to create comprehensive change within the classroom through reflection and by extending the learning into day-to-day interactions.

  • Self-Reflection Prompts
  • Class Debrief Guide
  • Conversation Starters
  • Extension Activities

This Toolkit is for

Your Classroom if...

  • You¬†want¬†to support student health and well-being.
  • You want¬†improved and¬†creative decision-making.¬†
  • You¬†want faster and more innovative problem-solving.
  • You¬†are focused on equity, accessibility, and inclusion.
  • You want a stronger and more collaborative¬†learning.

The Essentials:

The Essentials is a digital resources designed to assist users in planning pre-learning, application, and post-learning activities. This comprehensive resource is provided with the purchase of all kits:

  • Lesson Plans & Slide Decks
  • Teacher & Discussion Guides
  • Safe Communication Guide
  • Class Debrief Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • Key Terms Glossary
  • Conversation Starters¬†
  • Feedback Frameworks
  • Response Prompts
  • Post-Learning Activities
  • Extension Activities
  • Self-Reflection Prompts

Classroom Kit

1 user

$49.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 1 card deck

Department Kit

10 users

$39.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 5¬†card decks

School Kit

50 users

$35.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 25¬†card decks

District Kit

100 users

$32.99 per user

  • Essentials Pack +
  • 50 card decks

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Looking for a staff training resource?

We also have a Workplace Toolkit to help build conversation confidence in workplaces. This toolkit provides bite sized briefs on key leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts. Practice with the conversation cards and feedback models to be prepared for tough discussions.


I'm Janelle Abela

As a former K-12 teacher, I've come to realize that we have never really been taught how to talk to each other. This is the biggest barrier that I now face as a¬†training facilitator. Workplaces are¬†moving towards change but the critical first step is often overlooked ‚Äď building conversation confidence. In response I created resources to use in my training sessions that would help develop this confidence, alongside trust and open-mindedness.

With high demand ‚Äď I've now compiled these resources and build an all-in-one toolkit for¬†leaders to develop these skills within their organization.¬†Agree to Disagree¬†is a fine-tuned compilation of my slides, speaking points, discussion guides, conversation starters, response prompts, feedback models, and more.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to increase your team's interpersonal skills and to help you help your people.

Janelle's trainings are impactful. I recommend Janelle for any leadership development programs that will improve leadership capability and promote workplace culture.

- Lindi Prendi Ph.D, P.Eng

St. Clair College

Janelle cultivates a constructive and thoughtful space within which to address controversial EDI issues. She makes complex and daunting tasks seem feasible.

- Dr. Catherine Vanner

University of Windsor

Janelle's sessions were not only informative, but also provided time for participants to share their perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations. 


- Daniela Koppeser

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board