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It is becoming increasingly critical to focus on building a strong organizational culture, enhancing communication skills and developing leadership. As the way Public Safety, Corrections and Security works continues to change, it's clear that giving special attention to these areas is crucial. This isn't just about dealing with the difficulties of the job; it's also about creating trust, improving relationships with communities, and making sure that everyone is supported.

‚ÄúPrejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Maya Angelou

What is happening?

Changes to recruitment and retention in policing has led to shortages across Canada and the United States. Generational differences, public image of law enforcement, and hiring processes are leading to lower application rates and higher attrition. These are affected by leadership, communication, organizational culture, and public engagement.

1% | Officer Strength*

2.7% | Calls for Service*









of agencies reported having to reduce or eliminate certain agency services, units, or positions because of staffing difficulties.**

of agencies reported having difficulty in recruiting qualified candidates.**

of agencies reported having too few candidates applying to be law enforcement officers.**

of agencies reported that recruiting is more difficult today than it was five years ago.**

of agencies reported having to change agency policies in order to increase the chances of gaining qualified applicants.**


* Statistics retrieved from Statistics Canada


What type of organizations do we support?

  • Police Departments and Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Victim Services
  • Security Services
  • College and University Staff/Faculty
  • Association and Board Members

How We Can Help

We provide a range of services that help organizations with Leadership, Communication, and Culture. Our services are tailored to your needs. We work collaboratively with organizations to ensure we are building our programming and content to meet your needs.

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching, Mentorship & Peer Support
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Everything Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility
  • Community Engagement & Trust Building
  • Social Media and Branding

Looking for something different than the services listed? Connect with us. If we can't help, we can provide recommendations of who can!

Equity Audits


Data Collection

Incident Response

Executive Briefing







Takeaways & Benefits

Our curated training programs can support sustainable change within your organization. We will help develop equity, inclusion, and accessibility responses, improve communication skills, and develop leadership for long-term growth.

Organizations and learners will... 

Enhance a Culture of Equity, Inclusion, and Accountability

  • Increase awareness and understanding of¬†inclusion, equity, and accessibility issues.
  • Develop strategies¬†for¬†accountability and transparency, fostering a culture of responsibility and fairness within the organization.

Support Bias-Free Policing

  • Implement practices that¬†identify and manage biases in law enforcement practices.
  • Utilize policies that prioritize fair and impartial policing, ensuring equal treatment for all individuals.

Be Cultural Responsive

  • Gain a sense of cultural responsibility to understand and respect diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Promote¬†cultural competency through education and exposure to different communities.

Enact Community-Based Needs Support

  • Tailor law enforcement strategies to address specific needs within different communities.
  • Collaborate with community leaders and organizations to provide targeted support and services.

Learn to Provide Holistic Employee Wellness

  • Address caring for the whole employee ‚Äď physical health, mental health, social needs, professional growth, and work-life balance.
  • Promote and support resilience-building for personal and organizational¬†development.

Revitalize Recruitment and Retention

  • Create spaces that¬†attract diverse talent reflective of the communities served.
  • Construct retention strategies and initiatives that focus on creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

Build Employee Development

  • Invest in the long-term growth of individuals and their professional skills.
  • Nurturing a learning culture that encourages innovation, adaptability, and the acquisition of new skills.

Increase Community Engagement and Relationship Development

  • Establish proactive community engagement programs to build positive relationships with residents.
  • Learn to facilitate open communication channels to address community concerns and collaborate on problem-solving.

What are people saying?

We have worked with agencies at the municipal, provincial, state, and federal level. Our training sessions have supported faculty for related college and university programs, and members of all rank. Our post-learning feedback allows participants to share anonymous feedback.


Knowledge & Expertise on Subject Matter


Engaging & Clear Training Sessions


Improved Knowledge & Skills


Realistic & Applicable to Role/Expectations

 "Janelle facilitated insightful dialogue while consistently checking for understanding and providing a viable framework for application. I specifically appreciated Janelle's ability to always maintain a safe space for all participants to learn and share."

Sergeant Ron Salary, Chief's Adjutant, Torrance Police Department

"I enjoyed the training with Janelle, the scenarios and discussions are designed to increase awareness and empathy and were very effective."

Leigh Rumball, Senior Constable, LaSalle Police Service

"Throughout the preparation, deployment, and during follow-up, Janelle demonstrated a deep understanding of the training content and impact for our organization. We were highly impressed with the quality of service provided by Diverse Solutions. Janelle exceeded our expectations and continues to demonstrate a keen ability to identify and respond to professional development gaps. It is evident that Janelle has a comprehensive understanding of organizational culture development, leadership, communication, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) concepts, and her training was consistently well-informed and strategically sound. While the breadth of this type of training in law-enforcement is growing, Janelle’s human-centred approach ensured engagement and sustainable growth for our members. We also appreciated the small scale of Diverse Solutions as the program was specially tailored and communication was consistent and responsive."

Shahin Mehdizadeh, M.O.M. Chief of Police, Lethbridge Police Service

"There was never any finger-pointing by the presenter. Instead it focused more on scenarios and how the police would respond. Speaking about these concepts was a fantastic starting point on dealing with different situations. By thinking/speaking about these subjects and trying to work in a better way I feel that we will get a better response from our community members, reduce anxiety from members, and will likely reduce negative interactions at the same time re-instilling confidence in the police."

Nawzad Sinjari, Staff Sergeant - Administration, LaSalle Police Service

"I have engaged in a lot of professional development and this session had me engaged for all three hours. The session was thought provoking and inspiring. I have a better appreciation and respect for our diverse environment here at the college and in our community."

Ed Marocko, Professor, Police Foundations/Protection Security & Investigations, St. Clair College

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